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Senate Committees 18 Available Meeting Dates

Available Minutes For Oversight, Jun 7, 2018
Minutes Document Bills For Meeting
SB-1037  SB-1038  SB-1039  HB-5738  HB-5741  HB-5761  HB-5762  HB-5763  HB-5769  HB-5775  HB-5884  HB-5885  HB-5886  HB-5887  HB-5888  HB-5892  HB-5893  HB-5894  HB-5895  HB-5990  HB-5993  HB-5995  HB-5996  HB-5997  HB-5998  HB-5999  HB-6000  HB-6001  HB-6002  HB-6003  HB-6004  HB-6005  

Available Testimony For Oversight, Jun 7, 2018
Testimony Document Person/Organization Bills For Testimony Subject Pro/Con/Neutral
Melissa Samuel, Health Care Association of Michigan SB-1037  SB-1038  SB-1039   SB1037, SB1038, SB1039 Pro